Glampalm Hair South Africa


Important Information

Is it safe to shop online?
How do I know that I have purchased an authentic Glampalm?
Are there “fake” Glampalm stylers?
Why does my iron have a serial number?
Does Glampalm comply with South African Safety standards?
Where do you deliver to ?
Is delivery free and how long will it take?

After Sales Service

What is the guarantee period on Glampalm Stylers?
My Glampalm Standard styler makes a slight humming or low frequency noise?
What should I do if my Glampalm stops working whilst under guarantee?
What is not covered under the guarantee?
Can my Glampalm be repaired if its out of guarantee?
How do I care for my Glampalm?
Do I need to keep my sales receipt?

Glampalm Products

Will the Mineral Ore infused plates ever wear or peel off?
Will my Glampalm products work in other parts of the world?
What is the best temperature to use my styler on?
Why do the plates move?
What is the main difference between the Glampalm and other stylers?
What is the vibrate mode for (Glampalm Standard Styler Only)?
Can I curl my hair with the flat iron?
Where is the Glampalm made?
Does Glampalm come in different colors?


How should I use the Glampalm flat irons?
Which styler is best for my hair type?
Can I use keratin treatments with the Glampalm?
Will this iron burn my hair?
What products should I use on my hair for best results with my Glampalm?
Can the Glampalm cause hair loss?
How long will my hair stay styled?