Important Information

Is it safe to shop online?
Your card details and personal details are safe and are not stored or shared with anyone. We use 128-bit encryption so it is safe to shop online. Should you have any doubt you are most welcome to do a direct deposit into our account (EFT)

How do I know that I have purchased an authentic Glampalm?
We recommend that you register your Glampalm styler on our website, If the serial number is incorrect we will be in touch with you.

Are there “fake” Glampalm stylers?
Yes, like all other fantastic brands – We have people copying our brand as well. Beware of fake or counterfeit Glampalm stylers. They look exactly like the real thing; they just don’t perform in the same way. Always purchase from an authorized stockist to avoid disappointment

Why does my iron have a serial number?
The serial number allows you to verify if your styler is authentic or not. Each styler has a unique serial number directly opposite the on/off switch.

Does Glampalm comply with South African Safety standards?
Glampalm products comply with international IEC safety standards and have been certified to comply with SABS standards locally.

Where do you deliver to ?
We deliver within the African Continent.

Is delivery free and how long will it take?
Delivery within the South African borders is free of charge. Delivery takes 24 to 48 hours for all major cities and regional or outer-lying areas takes 48 to 72 hours. Delivery times exclude weekends. We use a courier service with full online tracking that is available on request. For neighboring and all other countries within the African continent, do contact us for shipping charges. Note that VAT and Duty charges may apply to neighboring countries, which is for the account of the purchaser and additional to the prices paid online.

After Sales Service

What is the warranty period on Glampalm Stylers?
Glampalm Irons carry a 2-year warranty. Glampalm Dryers and Glampalm Wands carry a 1-year warranty. Warranties are only valid for authentic products purchased in South Africa and apply to goods within the South African borders.
My Glampalm Standard styler makes a slight humming or low frequency noise?
This is due to the sound of a muffled motor that controls the vibrate mode. You will hear this the moment you plug in the iron regardless if the iron or vibrate mode is on or off….it is perfectly normal
What should I do if my Glampalm stops working whilst under guarantee?
Fill out the online claim form and we will contact you to arrange collection of your faulty styler. If your faulty unit is under guarantee, we will assess the unit and thereafter repair or replace, at our discretion.
What is not covered under the warranty?
Any physical damage and/or cracks to the casing. Damage as a result of a power surge. Products that have been purchased outside South Africa. Any unauthorized repair, tampering or modification to a Glampalm will result in the warranty being cancelled.
Can my Glampalm be repaired if its out of warranty?
Yes, we have a Glampalm After Care Center that attends to all repairs. You will be liable for the cost and a quotation will be provided prior to the repair.
How do I care for my Glampalm?
Allow your Glampalm Styler to cool down and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Be sure to remove any product build up on the plates. We recommend you do this every week to ensure that your product works as it is supposed to.
Do I need to keep my sales receipt?
Yes you will need your sales receipt for warranty purposes.

Glampalm Products

Will the Mineral Ore infused plates ever wear or peel off?
Mineral Ore is infused on the plates via a process called anodizing. This process ensures that the mineral ore will not wear off. Our plates are full of “secret” technology that we don’t actually mention because we don’t want our stylers copied.

How long is the cable?
Glampalm irons have a 3 meter long cable.

Will my Glampalm products work in other parts of the world?
Glampalm Irons work on variable voltage and will work around the globe Just remember that if you are traveling outside South Africa, please get an international adapter.

What is the best temperature to use my styler on?
For dark hair, we recommend you use the styler on 200 degrees. If you have blonde hair you should set the temperature to 180 degrees. Should you not be satisfied with the results, kindly adjust the temperatures to suit your hair type.

Why do the plates move?
Glampalm plates are cushioned and can tilt to offer you versatile styling as well as even heat and pressure distribution, for a smoother finish. The plates will not come off or fall out…so no need to worry.

What is the main difference between the Glampalm and other stylers?
Glampalm stylers use the most advanced technology available. Our stylers have eleven heat settings and heat up 26 seconds faster than any other hair iron. We challenge you to put us to the test against other leading brands.
Our stylers cause virtually no damage to your hair, and will not damage or dry out your hair. In one slide, Glampalm stylers get your hair beautifully straight and silky.

What is the vibrate mode for (Glampalm Standard Styler Only)?
The vibrate mode helps in keeping hair frizz free for longer. It will help iron out kinks and creases with ease. Also when using serums and post styling products, the products penetrate better into your hair cuticle. This ensures that you receive the maximum results of the products.

Can I curl my hair with the flat iron?
Glampalm Irons are known to be the easiest flat iron to curl with…making curls that last without any hairspray! Yes, you heard right!

Where is the Glampalm made?
Glampalm Stylers are not just mass produced in some factory. Our stylers are carefully precision engineered using the highest quality casings and components. All our products are designed and manufactured by a large electronics corporation in South Korea who pride themselves in producing and developing superior quality products.

Does Glampalm come in different colors?
Seriously, we don’t believe in gimmicks. We don’t go around changing the color of our stlyers to suit the season; neither do our products contain old, outdated technology. Our stylers are loaded with the most current and advanced technology, and we only make them in black…we will change the color only when we change the technology.


How should I use the Glampalm flat irons?
For best results press the plates firmly onto hair and slide slowly. If you slide the styler too quickly over the hair, you are not allowing the mineral ore and “secret” ingredients to work on your hair. The slower you slide (and tighten your grip) the better the results, please remember this. Ideally, you should use the styler on 200 degrees.

Which styler is best for my hair type?
Should you have short, fine hair or hair that is extremely curly at the root, we suggest you use the Glampalm Vibrato Iron.
If you have long, thick hair then the Glampalm Wide Styler is the best option for you. Both Stylers can curl as well.

Can I use keratin treatments with the Glampalm?
Most definitely, Keratin treatments work extremely well with our standard stylers because of the “Vibrate” mode – which allows better penetration of the keratin into the hair strands.

Will this iron burn my hair?
Glampalm Stylers will not burn your hair…it does not get hot enough to melt the keratin in your hair. Only at temperatures above 215°C, will the keratin protein start to melt, causing irreversible damage.

What products should I use on my hair for best results with my Glampalm?
We suggest you use salon quality hair care that is loaded with moisture to prevent any moisture loss when styling with your Glampalm. That way your hair will always look healthy and wont dry out.

Can the Glampalm cause hair loss?
There is no evidence that proves that straightening your hair with an iron, causes hair loss. The cushioned plates on the Glampalm also minimize pressure on the hair when styling allowing the iron to glide effortlessly through your hair.

How long will my hair stay styled?
If done correctly, your hair will stay styled up to a week or until your next wash.

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